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Bahia Beach & "Blackness" in Brazil


Our NEW Bahia Beach print is a celebration of Afro-Brasilian carnival culture! The print structure is inspired by samakaka fabric which originates from Angola from the Muhuila tribe in southern Africa. We pay homage to Ilê Aiyê, the historic carnival block from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil which you can see in the geometric shape clusters that resemble their tribal mask brand mark. The bright colors in this print are a nod to the Brazil flag, the beautiful turquoise beach water, and the electric sounds of samba music. Move boldly while wearing this Afro-brasilian print!

Ilê Aiyê is a historic carnival block in Brazil and was the first carnival group to involve only melanin-rich people of African descent in the city of Salvador. Ilê Aiyê were the pioneers to a new style of carnival blocks called "bloco afro" which featured themes from African cultures, history and celebrated the beauty of people of African descent, from our deep melanin-rich skin tone to our natural hair styles. Read more about Ilê Aiyê here and how their existence is a protest against racism in Brazil.

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