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Purveyors of digital dopeness.®

digitalKENTE® (pronounced “KEN-TAY”) is a design studio, created by graphic artist Tiana Denine Harris to inspire self-pride and self-expression in people of melanin-rich cultures through unapologetically colorful, fashionable prints made for every surface.

digitalKENTE®’s print collections are meant to evoke a sense of history and nostalgia. Every digital warp and weft create shapes and colors that remind the wearer of cultures they’ve visited, cultures they belong to, or cultures they want to experience. Every new print we create is a celebration of color and culture. In our online shop, we digitally print our designs on products that fit your lifestyle, from mens’/women’s athleisure, fashion accessories, and even home decor. We have a product to suit your needs in a print that suits your style.

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