About Us

We are purveyors of digital dopeness. 

digitalKENTE combines modern craft and ancestral patterns to create one-of-a-kind surface designs for people as vibrant as their color choices. We use the power of graphic design to re-mix indigenous textiles from melanin-rich cultures around the world.

Our bold digital tapestries are multi-dimensional, culturally aware, and unapologetically colorful.

Inside www.digitalkenteshop.com we have a select set of prints that we apply to seasonal products created for your day-to-day city life or your international adventures. Printed on high quality fabric, our scarves can be easily folded and fit inside a purse or travel bag. Leggings are for your fashion forward workout or to complete your eclectic ensemble for going out. digitalKENTE textiles are for the woman who is not afraid of commanding attention.

Tiana Denine Harris launched digitalKENTE in 2012 through the www.see.me exhibit titled "Art Takes Times Square" in New York City. After living in Southeast Asia for two years and being amazed by the vastness of dark skin in this region, Tiana began to explore the juxtaposition of colors and shapes found in indigenous hand-made textiles. Inspired by the creativity of people of color through out the world, Tiana began to re-imagine West African textile patterns to create a new kind of kente: a digitalKENTE.

Now, the brand is poised to create more unique surface designs printed on functional fashionable products. We would also like to collaborate with you! To inquire on how we can work together to create refreshing surface designs and products please visit us at digitalkente.com or send a note to info@digitalkente.com.