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Leggings for Curvy Girls that Celebrate Culture

NavajoPalm Print motif, and Navajo Inspiration

Earlier this year, I introduced our new Ankle Crop High Waist leggings. My plan was to debut this exclusive legging design at the SXSW Wellness conference in Austin, TX. The event was canceled a week before I was scheduled to leave, and lock down began for the rest of eternity it seems.

The design of the Ankle Crop High Waist legging was inspired by women with curves. In order to differentiate our brand from the rest of this crowded athleisure market I felt it imperative to create a one-of-a-kind design...

How-To Style your digitalKENTE Men's Leggings

How to Style Your Men's Leggings from Tiana on Vimeo.

Watch our dK fella Dj Ojo rock our digitalKENTE men's legging during his workout routine.


It's Black Business Month!

It's Black Business Month!

Hello internets! It's the digitalKENTE blog. We'll use this space for new product announcements, or discussions about what you are looking for from our brand. We will share industry news and our founder's travel experience and how that influences the brand ethos. It's a space for you to interact with dK and ask questions, so please share, tag and let us know what you think of our products.